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Legendary PRO MMA Fighters

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MMA sponsorships are available from KO Dynasty. MMA fighter sponsors, advertisers, and promoters all have a great opportunity to get exposure for their brand, and work directly with KODynasty to get exposure through our growing network, resources, online and as well as offline venues.
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You Fight For Us, We Fight For YOU!!

Email Mickey Dubberly at CEO@KODynasty.com about any sponsorship opportunity and booking for our fighters.

KO Dynasty is a PRO Mixed Martial Arts Sports Management Company. We handle PRO fighters' contracts, sponsorship contracts, financial planning, web site design, and management and a host of other services designed to help stimulate the grown of our PRO fighters' name, reputation, and financial status. This is a great opportunity for promoters looking for a PRO MMA fighter.

Contact our top MMA managers and MMA agents today!

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Legendary PRO MMA Fighters

You Fight For Us, We Fight For YOU!!

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John Mahlow

To say K.O. Dynasty is a good management team is an understatement. For the time that I have been a part of the team, I have had the the ablilty to excel in my training without having to worry about where I am going to get my next, fight, sponsor, or gear. These guys call you back, and take your call without waiting a week or more. So with that, Thanks K.O. Dynasty, your an example of what a management team should be.

- John Mahlow

Jason Reinhardt

LOL Man, I have had so many Goon balls call me promising this and that, and it never turns out. However, I have heard great things about you and your business dealings, and I hear your the real deal. Since, I am the rela deal too, we will be able to help each other prosper

- Jason Reinhardt

Anthony Ruiz

Thanks for doing a good job. it helps. with good people supporting me, we will hit the top!

- Anthony Ruiz

Nuri 'Mako' Shakir

I have been in MMA for 10 years. I have fought all over the US against hard and some not so hard opponents which has left me with a colorful and fun record. And as of recent it has been hard trying to get fights, train, work, teach and have a family. After I hooked up with KO, I got a fight in a top show in less than a month after signing and got sponsored (Which was something I had no time nor connections to do.)

All I have to say is thanx and I look forward in working with you in the future.

- Nuri ' Mako' Shakir

So far so good and you have been very professional and pleasant to work with. I hope that your fighters appreciate you as a manager because having dealt with numerous MMA agents and managers, let me tell you, It ain't easy!

Talk to you soon, Mick!


Best Regards,
Sheb Thomas Alahmari

Chris Steele

Thank you for everything, signing with you is the best thing that has hapened to me in a long time, i promise i will not let you down! Im going to be one of the best 145lb fighter around, everything is falling into place, my training is better than it has ever been before and now in with you nothing is going to stop us!!

Thank you again,

Chris Steele

Respej MMA Fight Wear


There are not too many people out there who go out of there way (in any business), but you sure do. Thats why I have no doubt we we work together for a while.

Let me know if you need anything that I can help with!

Joe Noschese
Owner - RespekFightWear
Respek...It's what we fight for!

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MMA Sponsors can get great brand exposure, and get their brand recognized through relations KO Dynasty has with such media networks as MTV, Spike TV, ESPN, and more.
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