Thank you to all of my PARADIGM coaches & teammates for for helping me prepare for my fight! Thank you Mickey Dubberly with KODYNASTY for helping me so much by being my manager, getting me BIG fights , & believing in me as much as you do!

– Mike “the Greek” Bronzoulis

I am very pleased with the experience of working with you…  I want to promote your management company to some of the pro fighters who train at our gym in Arizona.  I’m sure their careers could benefit having a company such as yours in their corner.  Thanks again… be safe out there.  Mail me some business cards when you are back home and settled.

– VIP Protective Services, Inc.

Signing with KO Dynasty was the single biggest improvement I’ve made in my career to date. I’ve gone from living in a 1 bedroom apartment with my 2 kids making almost nothing for my fights, to living in a 3 bedroom home and finally making a real living. Mickey Dubberly turned my life completely around literally in under 6 months. Now I have regular sponsors and have so many great fights on the table that I get to pick and choose which ones I want to take. I am so grateful for Mickey and I am continually more and more impressed with how much he sincerely cares about me, my family, and our well being. Any fighter would have a tremendous advantage with KO Dynasty in theircorner!


Signing with KO Dynasty is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I get to focus on training and they handle everything else. Anything I need they are right there to handle it, all I do is have to call. I Hope to be with them for a long time.

– Josh Neer

To say K.O. Dynasty is a good management team is an understatement. For the time that I have been a part of the team, I have had the the ablilty to excel in my training without having to worry about where I am going to get my next, fight, sponsor, or gear. These guys call you back, and take your call without waiting a week or more. So with that, Thanks K.O. Dynasty, your an example of what a management team should be.


LOL Man, I have had so many Goon balls call me promising this and that, and it never turns out. However, I have heard great things about you and your business dealings, and I hear your the real deal. Since, I am the real deal too, we will be able to help each other prosper

– Jason Reinhardt

So far so good and you have been very professional and pleasant to work with. I hope that your fighters appreciate you as a manager because having dealt with numerous MMA agents and managers, let me tell you, It isn’t easy!

Talk to you soon, Mick!


Best Regards,

Born2Bang would also like to give special thanks to Mickey Dubberly. Mickey is the owner of KO Dynasty, a management company for all the top profile fighters. He has also helped to get us great sponsorship exposure on television stations such as Spike tv,HDNET,and PPV.



There are not too many people out there who go out of there way (in any business), but you sure do. Thats why I have no doubt we we work together for a while.

Let me know if you need anything that I can help with!


I was just interviewed by a Jake Rosen for some MMA mag about sponsoring fighters. Put 3 plugs in for KO and Mickey about doing things the right way and how most agents have no clue. So I hope he puts it in the article. Supposed to be in next issue. Have a great day!

John Fidi
Go Live, Inc.
Condom Depot

Thank you for the interview back in August for this book.  Your help was invaluable.  My new e-book, “Become an MMA Fighter” is ready.  You can check it out at  Please take a look and let me know what you think.  Thanks.


Become an MMA Fighter by Gerald Hanks 92 © Eglomerate Publishing. All Rights Reserved. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND THANKS

I would like to thank Mickey Dubberly ( for their help in answering many of the questions that young fighters would ask regarding how they approach managing a fighter’s career. Mr. Dubberly also works with his fighters in raising awareness for a rare type of cardiac condition called myeloproliferative disorders (MPD). Readers can learn more about the disease by visiting the MPD Foundation website at

KO Dynasty was able to quickly understand the needs, challenges and resource obstacles to efficiently help us evaluate our current marketing strategies. We learned how to gauge the marketability of fighters and determine the value of each and every sponsorship opportunity.  Mickey Dubberly’s personal business insight is refreshing and candid. I appreciate it when a Manager challenges the status quo and can help guide us down new directions we never saw before.  We have formed a partnership with KO Dynasty that will last into the foreseeable future.